9th Nov '18

Every Friday, our Training Professionals get to choose from extra classes. These options are offered to either deepen your special skill or to improve any weakness in your skill set as a training professional, a chance to expand and discover new passions.

Students get to choose from ongoing specialised courses and workshops, as well as one off masterclasses.

Workshops and Masterclasses for 9th November 2018:

Alexander Technique Masterclass

 Define your habitual patterns of movement and posture, a one off specialised masterclass with Korina Briggs.

Acting for Camera Programme, Week 1 / 4

Get comfortable in front of the camera, get to know actor cues and techniques in this 4 week course with Soap and BBC actor, Ian Kelsey

Operatic Vocals Programme, Week 3 / 6

A 6 week course to develop technique within Opera vocals, learn from world-renowned vocalist Judit Felszeghy



Acting for Video Games, Week 1  /4

A new 4 week programme led by professional Video Game Actor, Damian Goodwin (The Witcher Series, Assassins Creed)
learn this defined skill of acting for video games.

Aerial Skills, Week  1 / 4

Develop silks and trapeze technique, a new and exciting 4 week course led by The Circus Project 

  • Brighton