Holistic Week

4th Mar '19 - 15th Mar '19

Next week assessment period begins for our BA(hons) training professionals, so we’ve teamed up with our in-house health support to create a holistic timetable that runs alongside exams.


To give our TP’s space to relax and to look after their physical and mental health, we’ve switched up there usual extra classes to include:


  • Daily Meditation Classes


  • Yoga Classes


  • Exams and Performance Anxiety Workshops


  • Exams Nutrition Workshops


  • Stretch and Flex Classes


  • Puppy Therapy Drop-in


Our student support officers Sarah Edinburgh & Katie Stibbs will also be around each campus for the duration of the two weeks.

If you’re worried about your assessments Please call 01273 603333 or email bricttstudentsupport@brictt.co.uk where one of our SSO’s will be ready to help.

  • Brighton