Career opportunities

At ICTheatre you’ll not only build on your talent and gain the specialist skills to become a great performer, but you’ll also learn the life skills that will enhance your employability.

We understand what the industry needs, and that’s not just talented people but also people with the right outlook – organised, entrepreneurial and creative team players with a multiplicity of skills who know how to make opportunities, as well as take them.

Most students who join us will do so initially because they want to hone and professionalise their skills as performers through their degree.

However, whether you want to work for a company or create your own, whether you’re interested in stage or screen, whether you want to devise your work or follow the direction of others, we’re here to help you discover who you are as a creative artist and ensure you have a sustainable career.

ICTheatre students on stage performing Real State - 2022

There are many other areas you might explore alongside your life on the stage or screen:

Any questions?

For questions on how you can be part of the ICTheatre movement, please contact our Enquiries Team on 01273 840 346 or email


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